What Am I Reading?

April 2023

Help is Here by Max Lucado: Written by one of my favorite authors, this book will teach you about the Holy Spirit and give you a refreshing look at His assignment for your life.

The 6 Types of Working Genius by Pat Lencioni: This book, written in a storytelling format will give you an understanding of how people do their best work and avoid burnout.

July 2020

The Hero Code by Admiral William H. McRaven (Ret.): The Admiral is back with another sure-to-be bestseller. In this offering, he details the ingredients that make up the kind of character found in everyday heroes.

Fault Lines by Voddie T. Baucham: Without pulling any punches, Baucham’s mission is clear. To ensure that the truth about the social issues around us is provided with clarity. This book is powerful and a must-read for anyone seeking the truth.

May 2020

Don’t Drop The Mic by Bishop T.D. Jakes. Arguably one of the best communicators to step on a platform, the Bishop is finally divulging his tried and true principles and insights to successfully communicate. This is a must-have!

Kingdom Men Rising by Dr. Tony Evans. It was bound to happen! After the instant best-seller, Kingdom Man, Dr. Evans’ follow-up is just as powerful, if not better. Choke-full with stories and powerful instruction, Dr. Evans brings his rich ministry and life experience to this offering.

March-April 2020

1. The Beirut Protocol by Joel C. Rosenberg: Written in pulsating breathless language and seemingly ripped from the headlines of a future that seems imminent, Rosenberg continues the story of Marcus Ryker. Only this time, our favorite hero is caught in the first few chapters of the book. What will happen?

2. The Second Happy by Kevin and Marcia Myers. With 37 years of marriage under their belt, Kevin and Marcia Myers have been through it and with uncanny detail bring to light seven practices that will keep a marriage together “till death do us part.”

February 2020

1. V.I.P. by O.S. Hawkins : Written with depth and conviction this book is a go-to if you are looking to raise your influence. Oh, V.I.P. according to Hawkins is an acronym for Very Influential Person.

2. The Noticer by Andy Andrews: From one of my favorite new authors in my library comes this interesting book about perspective. We can all agree that we could all use a different and better perspective.

January 2020

1. The Post-Quarantine Church by Thom S. Rainer: COVID-19 changed our world. But Rainer sees both challenges and opportunities that the church faces and details them in this recommended book for any church leader.

2. The Vision Driven Leader by Michael Hyatt: Written with ten questions as headings for each chapter, Hyatt distills a vital component to any leadership success; vision. These questions will energize you and deepen your focus as you learn who to develop a clear and compelling vision.

December 2020

1. The Bible Code by O.S. Hawkins: This insightful book will take you on a journey throughout the Bible. The aim is to discover Jesus Christ in every book of the Bible. This is a recommended read. You will not be disappointed.

2.  No Fail Communication by Michael Hyatt: Besides having one of the top podcasts, Michael Hyatt is one of the best authors. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to become better at the one thing we all do: communicate.

October – November 2020

1. Forward by David Jeremiah: Every October, I clear my reading schedule because a new Dr. Jeremiah book is released. His new book is much needed in today’s landscape. Despite the year’s events, he encourages us to move forward.

2. The Soul of a Team by Tony Dungy: The Superbowl-winning coach has written a masterpiece of a book that reveals what makes a team great.

June-July 2020

1. The Second Mountain by David Brooks: If you are interested in raising the quality of your life, this book will provide some guidance.

2. The Jerusalem Assassin by Joel C. Rosenberg: Each year I look forward to a novel from Joel C. Rosenberg. And this is his best so far.

April-May 2020

1. Dare to Lead by Brene Brown: Never has there been a time that leadership is needed. This book teaches how to put empathy and courage into leadership. Leadership has less to do with having the right answers and more to do with asking the right questions.

2. What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith: One way that successful people stay on the path is by constantly assessing their habits. These assessments keep them on an upward trajectory. This book reveals how everyday actions become habits. And they are at the forefront of greater success.

March 2020

1. Dangerous Prayers by Craig Groeschel: Read this at your own risk. From the author who wrote such books as The Christian Atheist and Soul Detox, this book will light a fire under your prayer life.

2. Secrets of Dynamic Communication by Ken Davis: If you are a communicator and are looking to sharpen your skills, this book will do it for you. By far it is one of the most detailed books on communication. Keep a notebook close by as you read this.

February 2020

1. Everybody Always by Bob Goff: Hot on the heels of the wildly successful bestseller, Love Does, Goff shows he is not a one-hit-wonder. This book will challenge you to the core. With stories, humor, and enriching takeaways aligned with Jesus’ teachings, Goff has done it again!

2. The Latte Factor by David Bach: One of the areas I intentionally want to get better at this year is personal financial management. In addition to Dave Ramsey, I have enlisted the help of financial expert David Bach. Using a storytelling format this book will impact not only your finances but your life as well.

January 2020

1. Visioneering by Andy Stanley: This book has served well to inform me about discovering and maintaining my personal vision. It is a great book to read at the start of the year. It will fan the flame of your vision.

2. Beginner’s Pluck by Liz Forkin Bohannon: Named by Dr. John C. Maxwell as one of the top three transformational leaders in the U.S., this CEO retraces her steps in this book that is sure to galvanize you.

November to December 2019

1. Something Needs To Change by David Platt: Be prepared to be challenged as you take a trek with David through the Himalayas as he goes to spread the gospel of Christ. This book will open your eyes to see the gospel, not merely as knowledge in our heads but compassion in our hearts to a world that needs it.

2. How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clay Christensen: You can only get out what you put in. With that in mind, part of my required reading as I prepare for next month’s blog is this best-seller. I will weave my thoughts from the book with my personal experiences in my December blog series.

October to November 2019

1. Everything You Need by Dr. David Jeremiah: One of the reasons I love October is because Dr. Jeremiah releases a new book. And they are really good! His latest one informs us that God has given us all we need to live a successful life. Filled with powerful stories and teachable moments the read will be worth your time.

2. How Happiness Happens by Max Lucado: With humor and unforgettable lessons, Max Lucado gets in the driver’s seat and take us on a journey to discover that true happens is found not in seeking it for ourselves but in giving it freely to others. This book is un-put-downable!

September-October 2019

1. Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell: Each time I pick up a Malcolm Gladwell book, I am in for a reading treat. This one is no different. Its impact will reverberate for years to come.

2. Faith for Exiles by David Kinnaman & Mark Matlock: From the owner of Barna Group, a leading research company, this book details how to disciple young people in an age where many are leaving the church. This is sure to make a lasting impact and give a call to action to anyone who is interested in the future of the youth. I would also recommend it for young people who are looking to stay grounded in Christ.

August – September 2019

1. Safehouse by Joshua Straub, Ph.D.: One of the ten growth areas I am pursuing is parenting. And the vision we have for our home is to be a safe place. This book details exactly how to build a healthy environment in the home for children to grow up in. You can purchase a copy here or pick one up at your local library if it is available.

2. The Pioneers by David McCollough: After reading The Wright Brothers a bestseller, I became enamored by books that brought history to life. McCollough is one of the best at it. His latest book does not disappoint as he takes us on a journey through history as we learn how the early settlers overcame hardships. This is a worthy read.

July-August 2019

1. it’s okay NOT TO BE OKAY by Sheila Walsh: Gleaning from her own personal experience and meshing it beautifully with the truth of God’s Word, one of the best bible teachers shares how we can still move forward even when we feel stuck. Amazon has a copy available for purchase.

2. New Thinking, New Future by Dr. Samuel Chand: Ever since I read Leadership Pain, Dr. Chand became a regular in the selection of authors that I read. In his latest book, he uses 11 questions to challenge our thinking. He affirms that it’s time to upgrade the software in our heads. You can buy a copy here.

June-July 2019

1. Peak Performance by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness: Recommended by a close friend of mine this book was exactly what I needed at this time. Combining sports and scientific research the premise of this intriguing and insightful book is this; stress+rest=growth. You can find it at your local library or purchase it here.

2. Becoming A Welcoming Church by Thom S. Rainer: Known as a pastor who is a go-to expert for all things pertaining to church organization and culture, Rainer writes a short but compelling discourse on how to set a welcoming atmosphere in the church. You can purchase a copy here.

.May-June 2019

1. Crushing by T.D. Jakes: The Bishop is back and class is in session! With pastoral compassion, precision-tuned words that resonate deep in the soul, and experiences from his own story, Bishop reminds us that being crushed is not the end. It is the beginning of something beautiful emerging from our lives. You can buy it on Amazon.

2. Find Your Way by Carly Fiorina: Former CEO of Hewlett Packard (HP) draws from her own remarkable journey and provides undeniable proof of why finding your path is better than having a plan. She also makes the case that potential is the most limitless human resource in the world. Her book can be purchased on Amazon.

April-May 2019. The Way of the Warrior by Erwin McManus: With direct talk, and punchy sentences, Pastor Erwin of Mosaic Church in L.A. does not disappoint. His latest release is as good as his last, The Last Arrow, if not better. Using the picture of a warrior, he provides a revolutionary blueprint for living at our highest capacity. Prepare for your thinking to be challenged You will love this book!

2. The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday: I wasn’t sure what to expect from this author I had never read a book from him. But with clear delivery and thought-provoking concepts, Holiday shows that obstacles in our way don’t have to deter our progress. We can turn trials into triumphs! You can purchase this book here.

February – March 2019

1. Atomic Habits by James Clear: From one of the leading authorities on habits comes this simple and practical collective to breaking bad habits and establishing good ones. Most of the time, our habits are a hindrance to our goals. This is a must-read. You can check out your local library or purchase a copy from Amazon.

2. 14 Keys to Lasting Love by Dr. Kim Kimberling: As this is a relationship month, I had to read a book on marriage and Dr. Kimberling does not disappoint. Providing a rich and synthetic blend of stories and lessons, this book is a treasure. A copy can be purchased here.

January – February 2019

1. On Mental Toughness by the Harvard Business Review: This is a definitive collection of articles on mental strength. Worth reading to gain exposure to critical ideas for better mental health. You can purchase a copy here.

2. Win from Within by John Gray: The author of the insightful and inspiring book, “I am Number 8”, Pastor Gray writes again from his own personal experience. He peels back the layers and invites us to his own personal struggles and how he is winning the battle we all must face; the war with ourselves. This life-changing book is available here.

November – December 2018

1. Against the Flow by John Lennox: Based on the Bible story of Daniel, this is a fascinating and captivating read to help live out faith as a follower of Christ against the flow of the current culture. One of my favorite books in 2018! You can purchase the book here

2. Platform by Michael Hyatt: Written by the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and current best-selling author, top-ranked blogger, and leading podcaster, this book reads like a textbook course for anyone who is called to speak or write! It is your hammer and nails to build that platform you’ve always wanted! You can order the book here

October-November 2018

1. Overcomer by Dr. David Jeremiah: One of my favorite bible teachers does a practical distillation on the topic of spiritual warfare. You will learn how daily victory is a promise from God. To purchase, click here

2. No-Fail Meetings by Michael Hyatt: I hate meetings. But hate should not be a hindrance to growth. In this book by one of the top bloggers on the topic of productivity, we are taught 5 steps to more productive meetings. The book is not available on Amazon, but Michael has a website dedicated to this book.

3. 13 Things that Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin: Having a strong mind is a choice we make daily with our habits. From overcoming deep personal grief, Amy Morin explores a compelling list to help us build and maintain mental strength. You can purchase the book here

September – October 2018

1. Primary Greatness by Stephen Covey: This one is a gem of a book. Stephen Covey, known for the dynamic 7 Habits of Highly Effective People writes another masterpiece here. In this book, he identifies 12 levers of success using the inside-out approach to living. The levers are geared to character development. The big idea here is that inner success is the basis on which any significant life is built. You can purchase it here.

2. Irresistible by Andy Stanley: If you have heard a talk by Andy Stanley, then you know he does it like no one else. Pastor Andy challenges how we do Christianity today with the aim of returning our faith to when it was Irresistible. Click here to buy it. Read this at your own risk.