About Me

Hi there! My name is Waiyaki M. Waiyaki. I am so excited that you chose to visit my blog. This would be better if we could talk face to face over a cup of coffee. I am interested in seeing you become the best you and excel in life. I created this blog for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life one day at a time. I am a firm believer that big things start with small steps daily. With your permission I would like to join your cheering squad and spur you on to live by design and not by default with weekly inspiration and how-tos.

A few facts about me; I am a husband, a father, an encourager and builder of people. I am also a communicator and a teacher of God’s Word. I enjoy giving what I have to see others live a life of significance.

I spent five years serving in the United States Navy where I learned a lot about discipline and maturity. I am still reaping the benefits of that experience years after my honorable discharge. I will be sharing plenty of experiences from my service in this blog.

I also started this blog to learn from others about life and growth. My writing and communicating do not excuse me from growing so I welcome your input. Everyone has something valuable to share no matter how small.

When I am not writing or teaching, I enjoy traveling, spending time with my family, going for long runs, and reading books (if you have read a good book worth recommending my library is never too full and my reading scope is open to new avenues).

I look forward to growing together! Keep on Keeping on!