Ready to Get Dirty

A few years ago, a news channel aired the story of a California couple that found a $10 million treasure buried in their backyard. The couple said they had traveled that path countless times, but on that occasion they spotted the edge of an old can. It was curiosity that brought this abundant discovery.  In life we find the miraculous in the routine.

I must admit to you, I don’t like digging. I am not an experienced digger at all. I like the finished product of digging; a beautiful garden, but the process to get to that beautiful garden is just not my cup of tea.

What’s valuable is not always visible although it is present (it’s worth repeating). Valuable things are always found buried underneath. Gold, diamonds, oil, and other natural resources that carry value must be dug for. The fertile ground is always underneath the surface. It’s the root we don’t see that’s responsible for the fruit we see and enjoy.

Long ago, water had to be dug for by way of wells but now we don’t dig for water we turn on the faucet. There are still some areas where water must be dug for. When we dig for something we tend to appreciate it more.

Digging will get you dirty. You can’t dig and look cute at the same time. Digging and dirt go together. Your life has rich deposits but just like gold, diamonds, oil, you will have to dig deep to discover how rich you are. Before you dig, you must believe there is something valuable in you.

Without that important piece, you will dig for a short time. When you don’t find that value immediately, or find some things along the way that are discouraging, you will quit digging and never get to your core where the treasure is stored.

As you take the journey inward, you will have to dig through some hard places and you may have to deal with them as dig. You may also find some things that might make you want to quit. Like I said digging is dirty.

Digging exposes. Diggers have come across various things in search of something valuable. Some things people have found while digging are; human bones, a loaded machine gun, $150,000 cash, and WWII bombs among many others.

This idea of getting exposed scares many people especially in church circles. We attach the word “expose” to sin. What if we looked at being exposed in a way that reflects our true value coming to light and by exposure finding out who we are really created to be? When we change the way we view something as small as a word, it can set us on a different trajectory.

Digging requires tools. Shovels in life come in many different forms. People around you can act as shovels encouraging you to press forward. Circumstances can be the shovels to push you out of your comfort zone to where God is calling you. As a Christian, your shovel could be the Bible you read, revealing to you the purpose God has created you for. For students, your shovel could be the course in school that draws out your natural gifts.  Look around you, there are shovels everywhere! (Please feel free to indulge by sharing some of the shovels you are using to dig for your treasure in the comments section).

Insanity is a video fitness program created and conducted by Shaun Thompson more commonly known as Shaun T. The moment you attempt one of those fitness videos you quickly realize the high level of intensity. If you do one of those videos and you are not sweating in the first few minutes, you’re probably sitting on the couch.

Shaun T uses the mantra “Dig Deeper.” It’s all about overcoming the tiredness you feel and going further than you thought you could. Shaun T. is about starting small and building from there. You may not do much on day one. Greatness is never built in a single moment. I’ve heard people say that Rome was not built in a day. Every day is a building block to a destination. There is purpose to each day as well as purpose to the pain you go through.

The day after I started the Insanity work out program, I was hurting everywhere and thought my body was broken.  I badly wanted to quit but I knew I had to keep building. If I quit, the pain I felt would have been for nothing. As I stuck with the schedule, I grew into it. Through sticking with it, I concluded that I had made too big an investment not to see it through. There were days I woke up one hour earlier than usual to work out and keep my investment growing till I could see the benefits.

Start small and build on it every day. Celebrate the start and come back the next day for more. Parked cars never go anywhere. Do what you must to start. Get that shovel, get dirty, and dig! There is the urge to compare yourself with the other people in the workout video who are fit and don’t seem to need the exercise, but that is not the goal. The goal is to motivate and push you to your destination by providing a picture of where you want to go.

Have you noticed when you buy a seed to plant, the packaging has a picture of a beautiful tree with gorgeous looking fruit? The picture shows what the end product is like and deposits a picture in you. Believe it or not that picture on the packet moves you to do the hard work of digging the ground, planting the seeds, watering it, removing weeds that try to steal the essential nutrients for the tree to grow; all the while expecting to replicate that picture in reality. We have dreams of where we are supposed to be. They create a picture moving us to dig and persist until we realize them.

The story of Joseph in the Bible occupies the most chapters in Genesis (37-50 with the exception of 38) and it is a story which could have been a New York Times Bestseller if Joseph lived in our time and wrote his autobiography. Joseph has a picture of his destiny in dream form but it all seems lost when he goes into a pit, is sold by his brothers who were jealous of his dream, ends up in prison for a crime he did not commit, but eventually the dream resurfaces when he ends up in the palace, his destination. If he wrote a book today titled, ” From the Pit to the Palace” it would be difficult to resist reading it.

The dreams and ideas we carry within us will only become reality when we start digging for them. Digging might mean going on a diet yoked with regular exercise to realize the dream of being physically fit. Digging might mean taking a class or course at night or online due to family or career responsibilities, to reach deep inside and discover what God has deposited. Digging is taking that opportunity that is being offered to us, even though it looks small and we can’t see how it can lead us to our eventual destiny.

We don’t wish ourselves into destiny we grow into it. We get attracted to overnight successes forgetting that what we call an overnight success comes with seasons of heartbreak, pain, discouragement, and hard work. We just didn’t see it. We see people on TV and watch their highlight reels but miss the behind-the-scenes footage of their lives to see the work they put in to get that highlight reel.

Basketball players spend countless of hours repeating shots but most of us only see them shoot the game winner and assume it’s luck. That player has been digging deep in practice, maintaining a routine that is monotonous. Discovering the greatness stored within will depend on the routine you are willing to commit to. To everything great there is a routine and to forego the routine is to reject your destiny. It was when Moses was doing the routine of watching his father-in-law’s sheep, he experienced the miracle of the burning bush and the call to his destiny (Exodus Chapter 3).

Digging is not glamorous. Get ready to put on your overalls, pull up your sleeves and go to work. Digging is dangerous. It requires focus. You can’t be digging while distracted; you might lose your toes! Resolve that there is greatness in you and dig.

Digging time must be created. You may not be able to sit glued to the TV for hours after work or school but instead,  substitute that time with digging into something that will bring you closer to your destiny. You may not be able to hang out with the same friends every evening after work to create time to dig into your finances, create a budget, pay off debt, and have money to pursue that idea for a business. You may have to reduce your social media time and commit time to speak with someone who is doing what you dream of doing.

These sacrifices will hurt at first but remember there is a purpose and a pay off. These are some of the hidden costs of living a significant life. The pain of change is better than the pain of remaining the same. Either way, you must choose your pain. Keep in mind the picture of where you are going and remember you grow into greatness. Not everyone will understand these adjustments,  but stay the course. You may not see the difference immediately you start digging but stick with it until you strike gold. The challenge of digging may seem greater than you can bear but know that though weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. For every good Friday there is always a resurrection Sunday!

Don’t abandon the process because of the pain. Who knows what’s buried in your backyard or your heart for that matter. Eventually, your destiny will be realized. It will be the proof positive that what was in you is true and real!

Waiyaki M. Waiyaki

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  1. Another great blog bro! Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning is my mantra when I’m struggling. Keep them coming☺


  2. Wow this is very encouraging. The message gives a lot of motivation. Most of us give up when we are almost getting to our destiny. As I read I realized I need to redeem some areas that I thought I couldn’t make it. The words just renovated my soul. Good one bro.


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